Social Media: what the hell is that?

There’s a lot of talk about social media. With as much as we read and hear about, many of us are still confused not only about whether or not we should use it, but what the heck it is in the first place.

Let us try to shed some light.

Wikipedia defines social media as “primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.”

Most commonly, social media are Internet-based tools. Yes, they usually have a web site at the base, but one of the things that make social media different is that they are not tied to just a single web site. Social media can often be used across multiple web sites and almost always via cell phones and other mobile devices. And as a generally rule, social media is available cheaply (often even free) to anyone.

This democratization of information is really at the core of what makes social media unique. Now anyone with an Internet connection can reach a mass audience. No need for an expensive news room staff. Or printing presses. Or a distributor network.

Individuals and companies use social media to share many things: what they’re doing, what they’re passionate about, whether they like an article or not, events they are hosting, stuff they’re working on, etc.

For example, here in Boise, the Boise Philharmonic uses Facebook to promote performances, share music, and photos. And we at Rizen use Twitter to share what we’re up to, announce blog posts, and just generally maintain a dialogue with colleagues and other interesting people. In both instances, the only people who get messages are those who opt-in.

Obviously, there is a lot more to cover. We most certainly missed something you think we should have include. But it is simply too much for a single post. We’ll definitively continue this discussion.

Remember: our blog is a social media platform. Please use it to share your thoughts.


jon nakagawa

This is a great way for bringing people in for open dialogue. Great medium for sending out the word.

Keep up the good work. Remember Don’t Ship Without Us!



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