A peak into the diary of a Boise marketing, creative + design company (or “Our most popular posts of 2011″).

Including this post, Rizen will have published 143 blog entries in 2011. That’s a lot. In fact, we’d put that up against any other Boise-based marketing firm, whether the call themselves an ad agency, marketing agency, graphic design firm or whatever.

We wouldn’t do it if people weren’t reading…but they are (thanks!). So, as is natural this time of year, we dug into the analytics to see what posts got the most attention over the past 365 days. Interestingly, several are perennial favorites from years past. But some new ones did make the list.

Here are the top 10 most viewed blog posts from this blog in 2011:

  1. Rizen Thanks+Giving. Our annual effort to give to a family in need.
  2. RFPs are not for underdogs. A rant on why creating a great RFP is not the solution to finding a great marketing partner.
  3. The bookshelf of a Boise creative studio. A simple little post featuring photos of our bookshelf.
  4. Our own little Christmas message. A (timely) art project of holiday greetings.
  5. Nunhems corporate ad. An ad we created several years ago for a wonderful client, one of the world’s largest vegetable seed companies.
  6. The Foster’s Warehouse Building: a Boise architectural gem. A post about the history of our building, including historical architectural drawings.
  7. Glide Stand Up Paddle Boards. A really cool logo design we did for a SUP company from right here in Boise.
  8. Corporate Lorem Ipsum. Discussion on the dangers of corporate speak.
  9. Boise gets a room with a helluva view! Cool 360-degree, fully immersive photos of Boise.
  10. Jeff’s Ignite Boise presentation: Mind Lies. A link to an Ignite presentation by one of our own.

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