Yearly Archives: 2011

What we’re watching…

The Falcon Cam! Have you heard of the Peregrine Falcon nest that’s on a building on 10th and Main in downtown Boise? There is a streaming video offering you a look into the life and times of Boise’s favorite Peregrine couple and their four brand new chicks! We can’t stop watching this little family and… Read more »

The Foster’s Warehouse Building: a Boise architectural gem.

Where you live can say a lot about you. In Rizen’s case, we live in a nearly 100-year old warehouse building right in the heart of Downtown Boise. Known as the Foster’s¬†Warehouse¬†Building, it housed Foster’s Warehouse Furniture for the better part of the 20th Century before its closing in the 1990s. For years, a neon… Read more »

FOR SALE: Gently used chewing gum.

With the Feds auctioning Ted Kaczynski’s (aka Unabomber) “personal effects”, we researched some other interesting items up for bid on ebay. 1980 Chevy Citiation Tricycle (reserve not met) Advice from a 21-year old college student (20% goes to Red Cross)-Buy it Now for $4,000 6 dozen brownies Yodelling pickle, includes batteries Bowtie made from toad… Read more »