Roy’s Story.

Meet Roy. He’s an active two year old that enjoys life on the farm. We had the joy of capturing Roy’s story today at WestVet Animal Emergency and Specialty Center (our client).

Roy’s lucky to be alive.

He inexplicably disappeared back in February. No sign. No evidence of his whereabouts. His owners looked endlessly for him but after a few weeks feared the worst.

Roy emerged five weeks later, 20 pounds lighter, hungry and missing one of his of his paws. WestVet Surgeon, Dr. Sean Murphy who operated on Roy, suspects he was caught in an un-tended trap for a few weeks until he was able to pull himself free and probably survived on snow or a puddle of water that was nearby. As far as why Roy ran off, his owners theorize that he may of been chasing after a coyote when he ran into the trap.

Roy is not only alive and well, he was fit with a prosthetic today. Though it will take some getting used to, Roy will be able to keep doing the things he loves to do –– run, swim and chase critters around the farm. It’s an amazing story that WestVet is happy to tell (and we’re happy to help them tell it).

What stories are you telling to define your business? They may not be as dramatic as Roy’s but what you do adds value to your customers lives everyday. Hopefully. You just have tell the story.

For more on Roy click here.

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