On the road again.

One of the perks of working with our fabulous travel clients is getting to attend the Idaho Conference on Recreation and Tourism. It’s an annual conference, hosted by the Idaho Travel Council, that’s dedicated to travel and recreation education and inspiration. This year we got to head up to Coeur d’ Alene. And, while there was plenty of education from speakers like Jay Karen (President, Innkeepers International), Tim Brady (Brand Pandemic and Vermont inn owner) and Emilyn Sheffield (Professor, Cal State Chico), we also got a bunch of inspiration. Inspiration from plenty of sources; the natural beauty of North Idaho, the people that work countless (and often, thankless) hours to promote travel to Idaho, and some pretty great wine from local wineries.

Congrats to Boise CVB who took the 2012 Idaho Travel Council Choice Award for “Best Advertisement”. Here’s Senior Sales Manager Lisa Edens with the award.

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