Wish Granters: turning wishes into reality.

We are so lucky to work with so many great clients. But one client, Wish Granters, holds a special place here at Rizen Creative. The reason? Wish Granters grants “last wishes” to terminally ill adults…very important work.

Before we were introduced (thanks Nicole!) we, like everyone, knew about organizations granting wishes for children. But we had never thought about the fact that someone was doing the same for adults. Wish Granters is. At their core, their services bring peace to people in their last weeks or months. They give incredible memories to their families, too.

What struck us was how humble, even mundane, many of the wishes are. Things like new carpet. Or a nice dinner out with the family. All are very touching.

With all this in mind, we were happy to donate our time to re-brand Wish Granters and several related identity pieces. Great to be able to assist such a worthy organization!

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KJ Mac

As a board member for Wish Granters I want to say thank you for all your help! We appreciate all you have done for us!


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