Living a “Recommendable Life.”

Many of our best clients, vendors and team members came by way of recommendations. Not by pitches. Not by cold calls. Not by blind resumes. By recommendations.

That’s why, when we come across a post this good, we’re driven to share. Here Brian Solis shares a commencement address by Paul Rand. It’s great. Here’s just a bit:

here it is: Live a Recommendable Life.

Let me say it again: If you want to succeed personally and professionally, live a recommendable life.

Let me tell you what I mean.

About a month ago, Nielsen published a compelling marketing study. The headline? 92% of respondents reported that a positive recommendation from a friend, family member or someone they trust is the biggest influence on whether they buy a product or service. In comparison, only 42% trust radio advertising and 58% trust editorial content.

Think of that. 92%.

Unfortunately, the opposite also holds true. In fact, 67% of consumers in another study report that seeing as few as three negative reviews is enough for them to not buy a product or service.

Recommendations and word of mouth, of course, have always been important. But in the age of social media, they are essential. One to one communication has become one to millions. Word of mouth is now on steroids.

This change, of course, is profoundly affecting the marketing world. How a product or service is talked about and recommended is becoming recognized as one of the most essential, if not the most essential, part of the marketing mix.

You can find the whole speech here.

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