Advertising of the Future.

American Advertising Federation recently interviewed Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Carolyn Everson, on how Facebook will continue to influence advertising in the future. One of our main take-aways from the interview was how social media is seeking to make business personal again. Perhaps before mass media, store owners knew their customers on a personal level and built loyalty off relationships. With the wave of mass media, companies had new platforms through television and magazines to reach a broader audience. While mass media advertising allowed for greater reach, some degree of focus on personal relationship was lost. Facebook is working to combine the two approaches and allow businesses to bring back the relationship side of advertising. While Facebook connects over a billion users, it also allows for more emotional engagement and two-way conversation.

Is your business utilizing Facebook to build relationships? Users like following businesses who post authentic, engaging material that encourages conversations. Avoid getting so caught up in the size of your reach and number of followers that you lose personal engagement with customers.

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