Active Boise.

We have been seeing Boise pop up on a lot of “Best…” lists over the summer. Boise was most recently named one of The Ten Best Big Cities in the US for Active Families by Outside magazine. We aren’t so sure about the “big city” part but we would have to agree that it is a great place for active families. When compiling this list Outside took into consideration a few things that they felt made for happy families. Percentage of population under the age of 18, health, affordability and ease of access to outdoor resources were just a few of those things.

As we combed through the list Boise was nested amongst some likely choices, our neighbors Salt Lake City, UT and Portland, OR. As well as some slightly surprising opponents, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Boston, Massachusetts and Austin, TX. We know why we love Boise but we were interested to see what brought it to the attention of Outside. Let’s just say our 25 mile long green-belt, whitewater park, skiing within 30 minutes of the city and being located in the Rockies didn’t hurt us. We definitely could have added a few more things to this list but, for the most part Outside received the Rizen Team seal of approval.

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