Rizen is fortunate to be in partnership with FitOne and we are absolutely thrilled for their team’s success this past weekend. The mission of the FitOne is to build healthier communities through fun, active living with the organization benefiting St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. Promoting a way of life is no easy undertaking however, with great success, FitOne is reaching people of all ages with a strong, consistent message of health and fitness for everyone, year-round – Move For Fun, Get Fit For Life.

The FitOne marketing approach is a truly integrated marketing mix inclusive of print advertising, social media, web/digital marketing, direct marketing and public relations with all efforts culminating at the two-day Expo and race day!

FitOne scored another win for the 2nd year in a row exceeding their event goals. Over 10,000 people attended the Expo and over 10,000 race participants took part in the new and challenging Half Marathon, 10K and family-friendly 5k.

Congratulations FitOne, thanks for bring our community together and producing this amazing experience! Check out fun event photos and race results on their website and Facebook page.

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