STRATEGOS – A Deep Space Experience.

In our industry the words “out of the box”, “unique” and “different” are used all the time. But in many cases, people aren’t really prepared to reach out side of their comfort zones. When our friend Lane Packwood came to us to build a website for his marketing strategy company, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to REALLY stretch the boundaries.

The Challenge
Lane was looking for something that represented the transition from a broad point/wide of view to a very focused perspective. The quote “The fox knows many things… But the hedgehog knows one big thing” is the backbone to Lane’s strategic development process. The primary objective of the website was to offer visitors a unique web experience, while at the same time visually representing the “fox and the hedgehog” concept.

The Solution
The idea of developing a complex scrolling site came up multiple times early on in our process, as did the concept of space travel. So we decided to combine the two with the objective of honing in on a specific target. Bringing in a mascot to accompany your trip through space came up a little later, but worked well with the overall theme. And thanks to the crew at DreamPorch we were able to implement these complex animations throughout the site.

The Outcome
The Strategos website is a great example of the collaborative power of the creative industry in Boise Idaho. Copy provided by Lane Packwood in collaboration with Jessica Holmes, hedgehog animations developed by DreamPorch and website design and development produced right here at Rizen Creative. We appreciate the opportunity to work with other like-minded individuals and organizations to bring concepts like this to life.

Experience it for yourself! Click HERE.



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