AIGA Idaho Welcomes Stanley Hainsworth.

AIGA Idaho invited design extraordinaire and story-telling expert Stanley Hainsworth for a Creative Coffee  event this past Thursday, that we were more than happy to attend. Stanley gave us a peek inside his studio Tether as he outlined his extensive work history as the Creative Director at Nike, Global Creative Director of Lego and the VP Global Creative of Starbucks. The importance of story-telling in design was AIGA’s topic and Stanley brought up wonderful case studies that showed the importance of connecting with your audience. From his large-scale environmental displays at Nike, to his pay-it-forward- campaigns at Starbucks, Stanley taught us that it is helpful to set brand filters and and to use every one of your experiences as a source of inspiration.  With a fun presentation on his history as an actor and videos of his space, Stanley reminds us to ‘bring that natural ignorance to the table.” For more info on Stanley, visit Tether and be sure to keep up with your local AIGA Idaho chapter for more fun events on the calendar.

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