Have you ever wanted to fill a jar full of fruit, yogurt and oats to win $250? Well, now you can. In our latest digital effort for Albertsons and their family of grocery stores around the country, we created Oats Made Great, an interactive opportunity for users to create, name and share their own creation. Votes are tallied and those with the highest number of votes are in the running for one (or one of five) $250 gift cards.

The Challenge
Build a responsive interactive tool that creates an engaging opportunity for visitors to build their own creations, share the creation via social media, and in the end win a gift card.

The Solution
Oats Made Great is a “build-your-own” tool that allows users to select from a variety of products to create their own oat invention, share it with their friends, and win money. What’s better than that?

The Outcome
In the three days that the site has been live, over 10,000 entries have been submitted.

We can’t think of many easier, or more fun ways to win free money. So go on, check it out and build your own! Click HERE to get started.

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