2015 Women’s Business Symposium.

Yesterday Amaya attended the 4th Annual Women’s Business Symposium, Building Your Business From the Inside Out. The day became with a presentation by keynote speaker, Linda Clark-Santos, Ph. D. speaking on “Building Competitive Advantage From the Inside Out.” Linda has an impressive corporate background working with companies from Starbucks to OreIda. Her open presentation set the tone for a day focused on focusing inward to prosper and succeed outward.
The remainder of the day was full of informative presenters from a variety of Treasure Valley businesses and backgrounds as well as a discussion lunch panel. As you will see from the list of speakers below, this wasn’t a women exclusive event but also men that empower a female presence in business.

Speakers included:

Lynda Bruns, Red Sky
Carolyn Casey, Founder, Women’s Aha! Camp, Facilitator, Author, Speaker
Paul Cooperrider, Idaho SBDC
Denise Dunlap, TECenter
Doug Dvorak, Dvorak Marketing Group
Jennifer Hooft, Higher Resources LLC
Cathy Light, Leadership Balance
Betti Newburn, Idaho SBDC
Maureen O’Toole, Girl Scouts of Silver Sage
Jeff Reynolds, Wevorce
Rick Ritter, Idaho TechConnect
Jan Salisbury, Vistage Chair

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