The Adweek 50.

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This week Adweek released “The Adweek 50,” spotlighting the marketing masterminds behind leading brands. Here are a few highlights:
#1. Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook
Everson tops the list this year as the champion behind Facebook Atlas, launching a “people-based” marketing initiative. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Atlas is an ad server [...]

GoPro & YouTube.

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If there is a brand that is taking full advantage of YouTube these days, and doing it well we might add, it’s GoPro. According to Econsultancy, GoPro is the fifth-largest brand on YouTube. Pretty impressive given that only 2% of the top 5,000 channels are held by brands.
So, what is GoPro doing that others brands aren’t? [...]

ROI Tracking.

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How are you tracking the ROI of your marketing efforts? While metrics for marketing results might seem hard to pinpoint, here are a couple thoughts to consider.
Know why you’re tracking the data you’re tracking. Ideally, we capture as much data about user behavior and points of contact as we can. We’re proud of the huge [...]

AIGA Idaho Speaker Series: Rachael Bickerton

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Last night AIGA Idaho welcomed Rachael Bickerton, Boise State University’s director of Trademark Licensing & Enforcement, to present as part of their speaker series.
Her presentation entailed outlining the history of the Boise State University mark, the differences between a trademark and a brand, and an in-depth discussion of Rachael’s’ role in securing Boise State’s identity. [...]

Ad Targeting.

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As you scroll through your Facebook timeline you may notice that amongst the dramatic status updates, baby and food pictures, and cat memes there are ads. Lots of ads. Ads all targeted at YOU.
This is not a crazy coincidence, those boots that you have looked at 5 times on Zappos aren’t channeling your inner shoe-horse. [...] receives recognition from the ExpressionEngine community.

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We just returned back from the 14th Annual ExpressionEngine Conference in Washington DC. In between taking in a bit of our nation’s history, we learned a host of new tips, tricks and techniques to help build even better and stronger websites using our go-to CMS of choice.
After all the great presentations, Rizen was proud to [...]

Welcome Wes to the Rizen Team.

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This week we welcome Wes Morishita to the Rizen Team. His experience in web development, graphic design and project direction will be a huge asset to the team. We look forward to sharing his work with you in the future.

Deal of the Day.

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Looking for a great deal on some new fonts? Then today is your day. Available for the next 3.5 days is a massive bundle of fonts via Design Cuts at a really awesome price. Check it out here!

Big Screen to Small Screen.

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AdWeek published an article this week highlighting advertising’s massive shift from digital to mobile. ESPN, one of the leading champions of mobile, revealed that a record-high 57% of its video content in the month of August was viewed on mobile phones and tablets. Google is slated to offer richer mobile ads in the coming months. [...]

From the Archives: Circa 2008 - Rizen now Twittering.

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Yes, Rizen has finally joined the ranks the Twitter elite. You can find us here.
Not sure what Twitter is? It’s a social networking site that crosses blogging with instant messaging. In our case, we “Tweet” messages ranging from mind-numbingly mundane to edifying-ly insighful (maximum length 140 characters). If you’d like, you can opt-in to follow us via the [...]