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Every month a member of the Rizen team takes a turn educating the group on something that they feel would be beneficial and informative. This topic doesn’t necessarily have to be industry specific but rather something that is thought provoking. This week, Linda talked trends and the importance of staying up on on the up-and-coming…. Read more »

Super Bowl Commercial Favorites.

With a verily serious Seattle fan in the office we couldn’t help but discuss the outcome of this past Sunday’s Super Bowl game. Once we got past the logistics of the game we got down to what everyone really wants to talk about – at least in advertising – the commercials. With a strong nostalgic, touchy-feely,… Read more »


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Have you ever wanted to fill a jar full of fruit, yogurt and oats to win $250? Well, now you can. In our latest digital effort for Albertsons and their family of grocery stores around the country, we created Oats Made Great, an interactive opportunity for users to create, name and share their own creation…. Read more »

A New Red Sky Home.


A few of us had the opportunity to attend the open house for our friends over at Red Sky PR in the updated Owyhee Plaza. It was great to see the new space and talk with some of our friends and colleagues.  Red Sky has been a great partner for us over the years on… Read more »

2015 Marketing Tactics Survey is Coming to a Close.

Several weeks ago we distributed this years Marketing Tactics Survey and have had great participation. (For those of you that are unfamiliar with our survey, every year we conduct a marketing and tactics survey, compile the results, and then share them with all you fine people.) The end of January is approaching and so is… Read more »

Destination British Colombia Gets a Makeover.


Perusing one of our favorite blogs, Brand New, we came across this write up of Destination British Colombia’s beautiful redesign. They don’t make mention of the company involved, but they have a killer implementation, a breathtaking video and a gorgeous wood-type inspired font to go with it.   And that big wordmark, it’s not necessarily a logo…… Read more »

Super Bowl XLIX.


Super Bowl XLIX is coming up on Sunday, February 1st. While the teams are yet to be determined, NBC announced today that the network has already sold 95% of its ad inventory. With a hefty price tag of up to $4.5 million for a 30-second spot, what does screening a commercial during the big game… Read more »

Last Call – 2015 Marketing Tactics Survey.

We wrote a few weeks ago about our annual marketing tactics survey. As we revamp the survey and get ready to distribute it we want to give you all one last opportunity to opt-in. For those of you that are unfamiliar with our survey, every year we conduct a marketing and tactics survey, compile the… Read more »



CSHQA gave the rizentines a  great tour of their office on Broad Street as we learned about the architecture, design and sustainability features of their renovated warehouse. As 2014 marked 125 years for this regional company,  their designs were nothing less than impressive. CSHQA works in all 50 states and is the primary  architecture and design firm for… Read more »