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Asana Climbing.

In the heart of Garden City is a hidden gem, Asana. Born and raised-up in the Boise Valley, Asana is now an international company that manufactures, wholesales, and retails all things bouldering/climbing. Rizen recently teamed up with Boise Valley Economic Partnership, or BVEP, to produce a piece featuring Asana. We invite you to watch the video… Read more »

Halloween Marketing.

This Halloween we’re giving kudos to the Teal Pumpkin Project. If you’re seeing social media posts of teal-colored pumpkins, the credit goes to Virginian non-profit Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). FARE’s Teal Pumpkin campaign has reached over 5.5 million Facebook users, garnering the attention of,, and Participants are prompted to paint… Read more »

The Adweek 50.

This week Adweek released “The Adweek 50,” spotlighting the marketing masterminds behind leading brands. Here are a few highlights: #1. Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook Everson tops the list this year as the champion behind Facebook Atlas, launching a “people-based” marketing initiative. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Atlas is an… Read more »

GoPro & YouTube.

If there is a brand that is taking full advantage of YouTube these days, and doing it well we might add, it’s GoPro. According to Econsultancy, GoPro is the fifth-largest brand on YouTube. Pretty impressive given that only 2% of the top 5,000 channels are held by brands. So, what is GoPro doing that others brands… Read more »

ROI Tracking.

How are you tracking the ROI of your marketing efforts? While metrics for marketing results might seem hard to pinpoint, here are a couple thoughts to consider. Know why you’re tracking the data you’re tracking. Ideally, we capture as much data about user behavior and points of contact as we can. We’re proud of the… Read more »

AIGA Idaho Speaker Series: Rachael Bickerton

Last night AIGA Idaho welcomed Rachael Bickerton, Boise State University’s director of Trademark Licensing & Enforcement, to present as part of their speaker series. Her presentation entailed outlining the history of the Boise State University mark, the differences between a trademark and a brand, and an in-depth discussion of Rachael’s’ role in securing Boise State’s identity…. Read more »

Ad Targeting.

As you scroll through your Facebook timeline you may notice that amongst the dramatic status updates, baby and food pictures, and cat memes there are ads. Lots of ads. Ads all targeted at YOU. This is not a crazy coincidence, those boots that you have looked at 5 times on Zappos aren’t channeling your inner… Read more »