Deal of the Day.

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Looking for a great deal on some new fonts? Then today is your day. Available for the next 3.5 days is a massive bundle of fonts via Design Cuts at a really awesome price. Check it out here!

Big Screen to Small Screen.

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AdWeek published an article this week highlighting advertising’s massive shift from digital to mobile. ESPN, one of the leading champions of mobile, revealed that a record-high 57% of its video content in the month of August was viewed on mobile phones and tablets. Google is slated to offer richer mobile ads in the coming months. [...]

From the Archives: Circa 2008 - Rizen now Twittering.

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Yes, Rizen has finally joined the ranks the Twitter elite. You can find us here.
Not sure what Twitter is? It’s a social networking site that crosses blogging with instant messaging. In our case, we “Tweet” messages ranging from mind-numbingly mundane to edifying-ly insighful (maximum length 140 characters). If you’d like, you can opt-in to follow us via the [...]


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Rizen is fortunate to be in partnership with FitOne and we are absolutely thrilled for their team’s success this past weekend. The mission of the FitOne is to build healthier communities through fun, active living with the organization benefiting St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. Promoting a way of life is no easy undertaking however, with great success, FitOne is [...]

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When contacted by Midvale Utah based company, ReBlume, for a website “refresh,” we jumped on the opportunity. ReBlume had a preexisting site which they already put a good deal of energy in to, so they didn’t want to start from scratch. Instead what they really wanted was for the site to be well planned and [...]


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Earlier this year we were contacted by Boise based software company, GetLinked, for marketing services. Their list of needs started with some marketing and website help, but evolved into a complete brand refresh.
The masterminds of the software program spent 10 years perfecting the product before releasing it to the public. Now that the product is [...]

My Word. Our Y.

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Recently, we were lucky enough help the Treasure Valley YMCA with its first ever marketing campaign, (My Word. Our Y.) The month long goal was to create top of mind awareness of all YMCA services, and its positive impact on the community all while engaging members in a meaningful way.
The campaign is also:
•    Building a [...]

The Shoppable Selfie.

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As the selfie phenomenon sweeps every type of social media platform around us, this photo trend is now becoming even more interactive and influential. Saks Fifth Avenue has now launched #SaksStyle, a Fanreel that uses Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram images of fan/ followers and makes them shoppable as it asks its users, ‘Want to [...]

Legends of Advertising Golf Tournament.

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Yesterday Ron, Tyler and John geared up for the Boise Advertising Federation’s Legends of Advertising Golf Tournament, AKA Booze N’ Bogeys. Each September local agencies come together to participate in this fundraiser scramble to benefit advertising clubs from universities and colleges across the state of Idaho. This year University of Idaho, College of Souther Idaho [...]

Internet Slowdown Day.

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Wednesday, September 10th was Internet Slowdown Day. If you ventured on to sights like Netflix, Etsy, Foursquare and many more than you may have encountered the loading symbol or as some like to call it, “the spinning wheel of death.” You were not actually encountering a “slowdown” but rather a simulation of what you could [...]