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Welcome, Jason.

Drum roll, please…Jason Hamilton has joined Rizen Creative. His primary goal in life (here) is to serve, challenge, lead and listen to our clients — not necessarily in that order. Jason’s been around the Valley for a long while now in positions on the media and agency sides of things. His bio reads like a… Read more »

Really?! A walk to the restroom, really?! Yes.

When we remodeled our space (it was a shell when we bought it) we had a big decision to make: include a restroom in our space or share the one in the hall. After much deliberation about the hassles of cleaning and stocking a restroom, we decided to share with the nice folks in BoDo…. Read more »

Rock star visits Rizen Creative.

His name is Sam. He is rad. He takes no guff from nobody…except maybe his mommy, Katie. We at Rizen were fortunate to enjoy his presence in the office today as he rocked, read stories, and regaled us with tales of preschool misadventures. See for yourself. This photo was taken during a live performance at… Read more »

Perspective, Poetry, Post-Its.

Katie (S. not M., wait that doesn’t sound right) led this week’s team Lunch, Lounge andLearn. Our activities centered around exploring perspective. Specifically, altering our own, then attempting to alter the perspective of others. How? Two activities: 1) Re-purposed poetry: we each had to transform a  piece of random w riting (written by someone else)… Read more »

Rizen Creative business card backs.

These are the backs of our business cards. Each tries to capture the underdog spirit in one way or another (one also does a good job of capturing the beauty of armpits).

Our building is hot, hot, hot.

It was on fire, actually. Seriously. The roof our building caught fire Saturday morning due to a faulty AC unit. It caused some serious damage to the 4th floor, some water damage to the 3rd floor, and we–on the 2nd floor, scraped by with just a few drops of water dripping through. Thanks to the… Read more »

The bookshelf of a Boise creative studio.

You can tell a lot about a person–or business–by what they read. (Or even if they read.) We thought we’d share a few images of our bookshelves. Each of these shots is just one of one of the 24 cubbies in our shelving units. Turns out most of these are strategy books, not design books…. Read more »

Exercising our creativity muscles.

Every other week we hold team Lunch, Lounge and Learn sessions. They’re an opportunity for us to get together, eat (always a good thing) and either learn something new or brainstorm on behalf of our clients. This week, Steve led us in a couple classic creativity exercises that are great for team-building and recognizing the… Read more »

Boise’s other hole.

OK, it’s not technically a hole. More of a gap really. But what’s interesting about it is that this triangle-shaped piece of property is wedged between the parking garage at 9th and Front, BoDo’s Sycamore building, and the Foster Building, our home. See, when the Foster Building was built almost 100 years ago it was… Read more »

Jen’s pen.

Sorry, Jennifer. We know you don’t like the nickname Jen, but the rhyme was too good to pass up. Anyway, this is the pen Jennifer created for desk. Cool, eh?