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The Value of Exclusivity.

Veteran hip hop collective, Wu Tang Clan is pushing the limits of exclusivity by releasing a SINGLE COPY of their top secret album The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. The strategy is to make music art again. In a FORBES Magazine article the Clan’s creative leader RZA, “We’re about to put out a… Read more »

Speak Your Silence.

Helping raise awareness for child sexual abuse, founder Matt Pipkin created a ‘stitch kit’ as well-crafted as its messaging is powerful. As you donate $25 towards their counseling program, you receive a kit that includes three letter-pressed instructional buttons and a piece of orange thread paired with a needle to sew on to your choice of… Read more »

Congrats Bill.

A big “congrats” to legendary ad man (and all around good guy) Bill Drake on his retirement. Thank you for your creative and community contributions!

March Madness Time!

With Duke’s loss this afternoon, some of us in the office aren’t as excited as we were yesterday about the tournament. We are consoling ourselves by watching some great March Madness commercials. Find some of our favorites below: AT&T: Brackets by Six-Year-Olds Kid President Brackets Everywhere It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports

Best of 2013.

Better late than never! Here’s a quick list of just a few of our top blog posts from 2013. Idaho Youth Ranch Goes Viral. Guy On a Buffalo. Goodbye Mr. Wolfdog. Flashback Friday. (Bad Ads) Walmart’s worst nightmare? An underdog from Idaho. Paris Studio Tour. Prada Racing.

Boise Transit Center.

If you know Rizen, then you probably know that we are passionate about quite a few things, but you probablyhear us talk about two things more than anything else… one is our clients, and the other is our city (Boise). So when one of our clients continues to make pushes to make our city a… Read more »

The “Seven Wonders” of Oregon.

We are fortunate enough to work with some tremendous companies in the travel and tourism industry. To that end, we are always in search of inspiring examples of what other cities around the world are developing to promote the industry. Recently, we did not have to look far, other than a state away to find… Read more »

The future of photography?

Recently Google announced that it was producing a 3D smartphone under the name Project Tango. The beta is a collaboration with Matterport, a tech company that makes it possible to experience and understand interior spaces in entirely new ways. The 3D mapping technology would be invaluable for folks in the real estate, construction, hotel and… Read more »

Capturing Chilean paddling expedition using only an iPad.

Using only an Apple iPad, Alzar School in its current cultural exchange trip to Chile not only captured, but edited a complete video showcasing the schools recent experiences. The video gave a glimpse at their current group of students learning the ways of kayaking from a pool to the Rio Ñuble. Based out of Cascade,… Read more »