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Buffett in Boise = Big Success.

“If it doesn’t work out, they’ll never be any doubt, that the pleasure was worth all the pain.” -Jimmy Buffett (a great American poet) Well, here we are: the day after. The day after a great concert by Jimmy Buffett and our Buffett in Boise pre-party that helped get the night started right. It was a… Read more »

Trademarking what is yours.

In the marketing world we go to great lengths to protect brands and ensure that they adhere to very specific guidelines. Brands reflect so many aspects; logos, language, color and more importantly in this case, naming takes center stage. If you have a unique name it is imperative that you protect it…even if it is… Read more »

There’s a 007 in all of us!

… Or is there? Well, Coke Zero wants to find out. Which is why they created a interactive purchasing experience that offers customers a chance to win exclusive tickets to the launch of the new 007 movie – Sky Fall. What do they have to do for it? It’s simple really… make it to platform… Read more »

The Pixar Touch

Pixar launches a beautifully designed website in correlation with the release of their new movie Monster University. Head to to explore the campus, sign up for classes and even buy apparel. Unfortunately all of the four-armed monster sweatshirts appear to be sold out. It’s all in the details as Pixar continues to lead the… Read more »


What if our advertisements were controlled by the town we live in? If every piece of information, signage and way finding looked exactly the same? This was the case in Leavenworth, Washington as one of our Rizenites headed to Oktoberfest this last weekend. A cozy Bavarian village with a population of 2,000 gets a million tourists… Read more »

This Weeks Inspiration

This week we were inspired by Seth Godin’s TED talk: How to get your ideas to spread. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. If you haven’t read his book Purple Cow, it’s worth the read. And if you haven’t subscribed to his daily emails, you definitely should do that too. Click HERE for… Read more »

Jimmy Buffett in Boise — and we’re celebrating for good causes.

Have you heard? Rizen Creative is hosting a Jimmy Buffett concert pre-party to have a whole bunch of fun and raise a whole bunch of money for good causes. Hope you can come! —————————————————————————————- ALL Proceeds benefit Idaho Youth Ranch & Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline —————————————————————————————- Margaritas on the rocks Boat Drinks App’ buffet(t) Friends… Read more »

Logo Lovin’

Some beautiful use of negative space in logo design.

Troy library gets creative.

One of the best underdog, underground campaigns we’ve seen in a while. Book Burning Party – Troy Library from Leo Burnett Detroit on Vimeo.