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2014 Holiday Cards.

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Each year Rizen chooses a local elementary school to partake in a holiday greeting card artwork contest. Kindergarten, first, second and third graders are asked to draw their favorite winter activity and the results are awesome. The Rizen team then chooses their favorite designs to be featured on our holiday cards. Throughout the month of December… Read more »

STRATEGOS – A Deep Space Experience.

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In our industry the words “out of the box”, “unique” and “different” are used all the time. But in many cases, people aren’t really prepared to reach out side of their comfort zones. When our friend Lane Packwood came to us to build a website for his marketing strategy company, we knew it was the… Read more »

Playing In The Nursery.

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In preparation for Rizen’s newest bambino, our own Jeremy James has been busy illustrating in chalk. Two of the four nursery walls were painted in chalkboard paint and covered with fun, original artwork. With creative direction from his lovely wife Leni, the nursery is truly one of a kind. We would like to congratulate Jeremy… Read more »

Why Nampa? Continued.

To follow up last week’s “Why Nampa?” entry, today we’re sharing a more personal take on the Nampa community through a few of the vibrant, welcoming Nampa residents we interviewed. Behind the city’s growing businesses, schools, and regionally-recognized attractions lives a hard-working, ambitious community of friendly faces. Our first video highlighted Nampa’s cultural hot-spots, entertainment,… Read more »

BAF Bowling League.

You may recall our blog post earlier this year about competing in a kickball league. Well, we’re at it again, but this time it’s bowling. Thanks to the Boise Ad Federation we are competing against many of our closest friends in the ad industry in what appears to be a pretty competitive league. At least… Read more »

Well Done MetaGeek.


Last night we had the honor of attending the grand opening event for the new MetaGeek offices in The Owyhee, formerly The Owyhee Plaza. The office space is fantastic, but more than that, the company is really something special. Boise’s rising tech industry has been a point of discussion around here for a while now…. Read more »

Hairy ‘N Scary.

Honestly, most of us have dressed a pets up one time or another, right? Albertsons thinks so and wants to reward you for doing so. Just in time for Halloween we helped them create a photo sharing campaign The Purina driven October-long contest is giving $250 for the best costume to the animal shelter… Read more »

ROI Tracking.

How are you tracking the ROI of your marketing efforts? While metrics for marketing results might seem hard to pinpoint, here are a couple thoughts to consider. Know why you’re tracking the data you’re tracking. Ideally, we capture as much data about user behavior and points of contact as we can. We’re proud of the… Read more »

AIGA Idaho Speaker Series: Rachael Bickerton

Last night AIGA Idaho welcomed Rachael Bickerton, Boise State University’s director of Trademark Licensing & Enforcement, to present as part of their speaker series. Her presentation entailed outlining the history of the Boise State University mark, the differences between a trademark and a brand, and an in-depth discussion of Rachael’s’ role in securing Boise State’s identity…. Read more »

Big Screen to Small Screen.

AdWeek published an article this week highlighting advertising’s massive shift from digital to mobile. ESPN, one of the leading champions of mobile, revealed that a record-high 57% of its video content in the month of August was viewed on mobile phones and tablets. Google is slated to offer richer mobile ads in the coming months…. Read more »