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Microsites, Sharing, and Tattoos.

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As microsites continue to gain traction as a legitimate promotion tool, we are always keeping an eye out for interesting ways that people are taking advantage of them. There is no arguing that social engagement is huge right now. People love the opportunity to tell their story, or share their ideas with the world. The… Read more »

The BookBook.

When was the last time you read a book? Not a digital book, or digital magazine, but a book book. The clever marketing minds at IKEA put together this fantastic online spot mocking everything we find so special about our digital devices. “The battery life is eternal.” The writing for this promo, along with the… Read more »

Local art scene grows (again).

Boise’s creative landscape is getting an international shot in the arm, thanks to local art collective Ming Studios. The new international art center will open May 30 at 6th and Mrytle street. It’s first artist in residence will be Uli Westphal, a German artist that will create while in Boise as well as teach workshops…. Read more »


Have you ever wonder exactly HOW productive you are throughout the day? Thanks to RescueTime app, now you can know exactly what you spend your time doing, and how much of your day you’ve wasted. This super handy app runs in the background of your computer tracking all of your behavior. Then it puts together… Read more »

A more productive you.

Optimize, Automate and Outsource is Ari Meisel’s mantra as he uses his self tracking and exploration methods to not only cure his Crohns disease, but also become the most efficient version of himself. We heard about Ari while listening to a podcast on The Unmistakable Creative, a site devoted to ‘candid conversations with creative entrepreneurs… Read more »

Milton Glaser, Well Said!

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. — Milton Glaser Photo Credit: Hugh Kretschmer

Treefort 2014.

Treefort is in full swing this weekend. As part of the festivities, Treefort has designed a secret decoder ring app available at the App Store and Google Play. Festival goers look for secret codes scattered around the venues and take a pictures of the QR code to win prizes. This is one instance where QR… Read more »

Best of 2013.

Better late than never! Here’s a quick list of just a few of our top blog posts from 2013. Idaho Youth Ranch Goes Viral. Guy On a Buffalo. Goodbye Mr. Wolfdog. Flashback Friday. (Bad Ads) Walmart’s worst nightmare? An underdog from Idaho. Paris Studio Tour. Prada Racing.

Pencil vs. Mouse.

We have been doing a lot of pencil work lately before ever touching our Macs. And honestly, it has been refreshing. The smell of the eraser, the glow of the light table, and the sound of the pencil sharpener has been constant for the last week. Living in that world of lead forced us to… Read more »

The future of photography?

Recently Google announced that it was producing a 3D smartphone under the name Project Tango. The beta is a collaboration with Matterport, a tech company that makes it possible to experience and understand interior spaces in entirely new ways. The 3D mapping technology would be invaluable for folks in the real estate, construction, hotel and… Read more »