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Pimping out a great fly-fishing brand.

If the name of the business, product, etc is memorable, it should be successful, right? That’s the case with this recent sample of work we are currently producing. The fly-fishing accessory brand Angling Evloutions is going through just that . . . an evolution. Their flag ship product the “FISH PIMP” is a strike indicator… Read more »

Boise State Radio. Good listenin’ deserves good thinkin’.

Most (probably all, but that’s unconfirmed) of us here at Rizen are big public radio fans. So when we had the opportunity to work with our friends at Boise State Radio, our local NPR affiliate, to create a new marketing campaign, we were thrilled. Here are the results. The idea was to demonstrate the many… Read more »

Sometimes less is more: the joy of re-branding T-O Engineers.

For more than 40 years, Toothman-Orton Engineering was known as one of the finest civil engineering firms both in Idaho and across the West. They were in the groove. Taking on great projects and knocking them out of the park. Then one day, they decided it was time for a change. Not to their core… Read more »

Sketch book magic.

Found this old stack of sketch books laying around. Before we decided to send them to their ultimate resting place, we thought we’d share. For those of us in the business sketches are no big deal. But we often find that clients (and our moms) find it fascinating how hard we try to avoid the… Read more »

Nunhems corporate ad.

We created this ad for Nunhems Vegetable Seeds last year. Very simple concept: the seed (symbolized by the giant Nunhems logo) has a big impact on the entire supply chain and, ultimately, the consumer. This ad ran is a variety of trade publications in the U.S. and internationally. Photography was done by the always-excellent Welsh… Read more »

BioFlora gets new web site.

What do you get when you blend conventional fertilizers with Mother Nature’s genius? BioFlora, a company whose unique approach allows farmers to build healthier, sustainable soils without abandoning the practices they’ve used for years. We’ve had the pleasure to work with the great folks at BioFlora on several projects. The most recent was their new… Read more »

Friends of Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics 2009 World Winter Games are coming to Idaho in just one week. Rizen is honored to volunteer our time and services to design a pin for “Friends” of the games. The pin will be worn by frontline retail and hospitality staff who have completed special training on serving the needs of the… Read more »

Fruit Snacks

We came across these files as part of our annual office clean-up. They capture our process for designing the packaging for a box of fruit snacks for TJ Farms, from concept to final design. This “Shark” was one of a series of three packages. The challenge: Re-design and re-position T.J. Farms Fruit Snacks as a… Read more »

New TO Engineers web site launches.

Last summer, the engineering professionals (and all around great guys) at Toothman-Orton Engineering engaged Rizen Creative to help them explore changing their name and refreshing their business image. We’re proud to say that all the behind the scenes work is now done. And while we plan on pulling together a detailed case study on the… Read more »

Pig Spit packaging design.

Where to start? Several months ago we were asked to refresh the packaging for the Pig Spit brand. Once a product known only for cleaning and shining motorcycles (Harley’s specifically – get it? Pig Spit. Get it?), the brand was expanding to the broader “toy” market: ATVs, boats, etc. A premium brand, they needed a… Read more »