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Cool Boise company gets cool new web site.

This week we launched a new web site for Industrial Insulation Systems, a very cool Boise company that helps other companies save big bucks through custom insulation installation (say that 10 times fast) and innovative off-the-grid freezers and refrigerators. Even better, these products can also help governments and non-profits save lives in disaster relief situations…. Read more »

Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau Calendar.

This video doesn’t do it justice, but we wanted to share this little calendar/direct mail that we recently created for the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau. The calendar went out to meeting planners to promote Boise as the world’s greatest meeting place (Studies have proven that is true. Trust us.) What makes this piece so… Read more »

Conference room idea wall.

Our office has a couple different idea walls. We use them to tack up work-in-progress, announcements, inspirational quotes and anything else we find. The other day the one in the conference room was in use with logo concepts. So we took a snapshot. Cool to see how some have been turned around (they’re out). Some… Read more »