Make a difference today, May 2nd Idahoans! Give.

Written by rizen creative on May 2nd, 2013 - 10:38am, 0 comments

While it is a Thursday, and it breaks tradition for us as we always post on Friday’s, we felt in the interest of a great cause we wanted to take this opportunity to spread the word. Today a very important effort is taking place on behalf of non-profit organizations all over the state of Idaho.

Today is “Idaho Gives” day. For the entire day a campaign has been established to reach out to all Idahoans to contribute to their favorite non-profit organizations. The major benefit beyond the good of giving comes from corporate donors stepping up to give matched funds of $50,000. The campaign seeks to raise $500,000.

Please consider giving and helping some amazing non-profits in Idaho with their programs and operations. The website has all of the details and a complete list of non-profits in Idaho you can contribute to.

Learn more & give here today!

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