What? A football post?

Written by rizen creative on March 23rd, 2012 - 3:42pm, 0 comments

Most of us at Rizen are football fans. It’s a great sport. Though we prefer college over professional the NFL gave us reason to pay attention this week. Peyton Manning goes to Denver, Tim Tebow “Tebows” his way to the Jets and the Saints will be made the cautionary tale of 2012. Though a violent sport, the NFL doesn’t take kindly to the New Orleans Saints taking a bounty out on other players and covering it up.

With a name like “Saints” the irony is too rich. The NFL doesn’t see the humor. They suspended Head Coach Sean Payton for the entire season and fined the team half a million dollars. Ouch.

A damaged brand? No. Football fans are very forgiving…as long as you win.

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