Dei G.

At Rizen we have a healthy appreciation for a fine attention to detail. So needless to say we were blown away by the amazing illustrations of Dei G. Not only are his works incredible to look at, but this guy even shows you the process of how he develops each piece.

Want to watch a magazine cover go from a humble sketch to a mind blowing final right before your eyes? Of course you do. Check out his digital wizardry in this vimeo.

Adweek’s Top 5.

Two commercials have been floating around this office over the last couple of weeks, Organic Valley, Save the Bros and Ford, Mustang Speed Dating. These just so happen to be also be featured in Adweek’s top five commercials for this week. We suggest checking out the full list, the Photoshop commercial is pretty amazing as well.

Special Delivery.

Today we were paid a visit by the lovely, Molly Rigby of Idaho Independent Bank. As if Molly’s unexpected visit wasn’t nice enough, she also brought us a pie in honor or President’s Day this coming Monday. We like pie just as much as the next person but what was really great about this visit is that she took the time out of her day to hand deliver this to us and have a face to face conversation. Molly is a busy lady, she could have just as easily had that pie delivered and sent us an email but she didn’t. We are all busy. We have meetings to attend, emails to return, etc. So, when someone takes the time out of their busy schedule to show their appreciation to you as a client and/or vendor (we just so happen to be both) we take notice. As time goes on these small gestures seem to be becoming a thing of the past. Hand written notes, cards, even an actual PHONE call versus an email are hard to come by at times. Though these things may seem to be more time consuming, they are a simple gesture that end up being a large investment in relationships in the long run.

Thanks, Molly! We appreciate the gesture, and the pie, very much.




Every month a member of the Rizen team takes a turn educating the group on something that they feel would be beneficial and informative. This topic doesn’t necessarily have to be industry specific but rather something that is thought provoking.

This week, Linda talked trends and the importance of staying up on on the up-and-coming. We discussed the usage of a variety of resources, specifically TrendHunter. Sites like TrendHunter offer endless amounts of information right at your fingertips. With industry trends changing over night it can never hurt to stay ahead of the game.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 3.00.42 PM

Super Bowl Commercial Favorites.

With a verily serious Seattle fan in the office we couldn’t help but discuss the outcome of this past Sunday’s Super Bowl game. Once we got past the logistics of the game we got down to what everyone really wants to talk about – at least in advertising – the commercials. With a strong nostalgic, touchy-feely, dad presence in this years spots we focused our attention to some of the more light-hearted segments. Here are a few of our favorites.


Have you ever wanted to fill a jar full of fruit, yogurt and oats to win $250? Well, now you can. In our latest digital effort for Albertsons and their family of grocery stores around the country, we created Oats Made Great, an interactive opportunity for users to create, name and share their own creation. Votes are tallied and those with the highest number of votes are in the running for one (or one of five) $250 gift cards.

The Challenge
Build a responsive interactive tool that creates an engaging opportunity for visitors to build their own creations, share the creation via social media, and in the end win a gift card.

The Solution
Oats Made Great is a “build-your-own” tool that allows users to select from a variety of products to create their own oat invention, share it with their friends, and win money. What’s better than that?

The Outcome
In the three days that the site has been live, over 10,000 entries have been submitted.

We can’t think of many easier, or more fun ways to win free money. So go on, check it out and build your own! Click HERE to get started.

A New Red Sky Home.

A few of us had the opportunity to attend the open house for our friends over at Red Sky PR in the updated Owyhee Plaza. It was great to see the new space and talk with some of our friends and colleagues.  Red Sky has been a great partner for us over the years on a number of projects and we congratulate you on the new office space. We will miss running into you in the BoDo area but we’re sure to see you around town plenty!

*Photo credit – Red Sky PR

AIGA Idaho Welcomes Stanley Hainsworth.

AIGA Idaho invited design extraordinaire and story-telling expert Stanley Hainsworth for a Creative Coffee  event this past Thursday, that we were more than happy to attend. Stanley gave us a peek inside his studio Tether as he outlined his extensive work history as the Creative Director at Nike, Global Creative Director of Lego and the VP Global Creative of Starbucks. The importance of story-telling in design was AIGA’s topic and Stanley brought up wonderful case studies that showed the importance of connecting with your audience. From his large-scale environmental displays at Nike, to his pay-it-forward- campaigns at Starbucks, Stanley taught us that it is helpful to set brand filters and and to use every one of your experiences as a source of inspiration.  With a fun presentation on his history as an actor and videos of his space, Stanley reminds us to ‘bring that natural ignorance to the table.” For more info on Stanley, visit Tether and be sure to keep up with your local AIGA Idaho chapter for more fun events on the calendar.

2015 Marketing Tactics Survey is Coming to a Close.

Several weeks ago we distributed this years Marketing Tactics Survey and have had great participation. (For those of you that are unfamiliar with our survey, every year we conduct a marketing and tactics survey, compile the results, and then share them with all you fine people.) The end of January is approaching and so is the closing bell for the survey. If you have not had the chance to complete your survey yet, we encourage you to please do so before January 28th.

Visit the link below, the survey will take you approximately 5 minutes.

2015 Marketing Survey

We appreciate you taking the time to help us compile this data and look forward to sharing the results with you in February!