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Microsites, Sharing, and Tattoos.

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As microsites continue to gain traction as a legitimate promotion tool, we are always keeping an eye out for interesting ways that people are taking advantage of them. There is no arguing that social engagement is huge right now. People love the opportunity to tell their story, or share their ideas with the world. The… Read more »


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Have you ever wanted to fill a jar full of fruit, yogurt and oats to win $250? Well, now you can. In our latest digital effort for Albertsons and their family of grocery stores around the country, we created Oats Made Great, an interactive opportunity for users to create, name and share their own creation…. Read more »

A New Red Sky Home.


A few of us had the opportunity to attend the open house for our friends over at Red Sky PR in the updated Owyhee Plaza. It was great to see the new space and talk with some of our friends and colleagues.  Red Sky has been a great partner for us over the years on… Read more »

BAF Bowling League.

You may recall our blog post earlier this year about competing in a kickball league. Well, we’re at it again, but this time it’s bowling. Thanks to the Boise Ad Federation we are competing against many of our closest friends in the ad industry in what appears to be a pretty competitive league. At least… Read more »

Big Screen to Small Screen.

AdWeek published an article this week highlighting advertising’s massive shift from digital to mobile. ESPN, one of the leading champions of mobile, revealed that a record-high 57% of its video content in the month of August was viewed on mobile phones and tablets. Google is slated to offer richer mobile ads in the coming months…. Read more »

The BookBook.

When was the last time you read a book? Not a digital book, or digital magazine, but a book book. The clever marketing minds at IKEA put together this fantastic online spot mocking everything we find so special about our digital devices. “The battery life is eternal.” The writing for this promo, along with the… Read more »

Instagram Advertising.

Instagram recently announced that it will be offering new advertising tools to help market your brand: account insights, ad insights, and ad staging. Account insights lets advertisers see metrics of impressions and reach. Ad insights measures effectiveness of paid-for content. Ad staging lets advertisers draft posts for future marketing campaigns. We have debates on how… Read more »

Advertising of the Future.

American Advertising Federation recently interviewed Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Carolyn Everson, on how Facebook will continue to influence advertising in the future. One of our main take-aways from the interview was how social media is seeking to make business personal again. Perhaps before mass media, store owners knew their customers on a personal… Read more »

Rise in Feminist Branding.

We have noticed a rise over the last several years in advertising targeting women, especially with an empowering message. Judging by our research, other people have also taken notice. Around ten years ago Dove launched the Campaign for Real Beauty sending the female empowering movement into full swing. Several brands followed Dove’s lead, Verizon, Pantene… Read more »

An Ogilvy & Mather Welcome.

Ogilvy & Mather’s new employees are greeted with an Induction box as they begin their careers at the international, design power-house. The intriguing, red box contains a visual representation of the 8 creative habits, the ‘Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness,” a book published by the company regarding David Ogilvy’s philosophy on today’s advertising agency, relevant paperwork… Read more »