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Turning 11 today!

11 years ago today, Rizen Creative opened its doors. Over the years we have been very fortunate to work for a wide range of amazing clients (you know who you are), friends from all walks of life and location (way to many to mention here), and most importantly our families, their kids, dogs, cats and… Read more »

First Impressions

Whether with clients or vendors, we’re big fans of good first impressions. This week one of our local vendors struck the right note with us. Wendi Wheeler, with Idaho Business Forums, brought in a box of cookies for our first meeting with her. These sort of things go far beyond our stomachs. They leave a… Read more »

Ignite Boise 9 Submissions “Open”

Being a part of Ignite Boise has been a part of the Rizen Family since it’s inception four years ago. In the four years that we have been involved, we have seen so many great presentations. If you haven’t been, or participated before, we highly recommend it. So now is the time to submit. Have… Read more »

Preparing to JUMP.

The fences are up; the stage is set. With construction about to get underway on the new JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place) Project, we couldn’t be more excited. The view that we currently have has been that of a now abandon warehouse and a dirt surface lot. So comes to an end, a rather unappealing… Read more »

Special Olympics Scarfs.

Got your blue and white scarfs for the Special Olympics? We did, thanks to our friends at the Boise Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Interested in what they’re all about. Here’s what we found on the World Winter Games web site: “The 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games Scarf Project got started in 2007 before the… Read more »

Friends of Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics 2009 World Winter Games are coming to Idaho in just one week. Rizen is honored to volunteer our time and services to design a pin for “Friends” of the games. The pin will be worn by frontline retail and hospitality staff who have completed special training on serving the needs of the… Read more »

Underdog . . . meet Oscar.

As reported by a number of news sources yesterday, both locally and nationally; Boise film producer Heather Rae’s film “Frozen River” has been nominated for two academy awards including Best Original Screenplay. Congratulations Heather to both you and your entire crew! What an incredible accomplishment and a true underdog story considering your competition of “WALL-E”… Read more »

Money well spent.

A few years back we started feeling like the tradition of business Christmas cards had lost its way. What had once been personalized, heart-felt greetings had been increasingly replaced with automated, mass-produced sent out of obligation. Even worse, many of us in the creative field seemed to be spending amazing amounts of time out “clevering”… Read more »

The lounge @ Rizen Creative.

At Rizen, we don’t have a receptionist. Or really, even a reception area. We have a lounge. It’s a couch, a couple of comfy chairs and a bookcase of reference materials. (Currently on the shelf: Designing Disney, Purple Cow, Chasing Cool, bunch of CA and Print magazines, and several One Show books, among others). We… Read more »