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Local students DOODLE gets the nod from Google!

Justin Whitehead, a junior at Meridian Technical Charter High School (MTCHS), was recently recognized as the Idaho winner of the DOODLE for GOOGLE contest by representatives from GOOGLE and YOUTUBE. He will move on to the national contest and could win: $30,000  of scholarships A visit to the GOOGLE campus in California $50,000 in technology… Read more »

Quality over quantity.

When starting new projects we often find ourselves asking questions like these: How much time/energy should we spend on this project? How much time/energy do we actually HAVE to spend on this project? How much time/energy does the budget ALLOW for us to spend on this project? But regardless of the answers to these questions,… Read more »

Pop Culture & Rizen Creative

On April 24th, Boise Classic Movies will present “The Breakfast Club”, a classic from the 80’s. Being a huge fan of John Hughes and this movie, this seemed like a worthy effort to sponsor. As a movie voted on by the public, sponsoring it helped the TIPPING POINT come down to ensure that the movie would… Read more »

A Creative Cornerstone of the Boise Community Retires.

More than 20 years ago, I walked through the doors of Elgin Syferd Drake at their offices on 9th Street for an interview. Even at that time, the agency Bill Drake founded was the agency that all young creatives (like me at the time) hoped to work for. Elgin Syferd Drake set the standard that most,… Read more »

Don’t Just Love Your City, Wear It.

We are always on the look out for things that our friends and colleagues are up to. Recently our good friend Paul Carew, owner of Carew Co. launched a new effort showcasing his creative brilliance using fabric as his canvas. Introducing, an online store focused on sporting t-shirts with cool, hip and positive messages… Read more »

Speak Your Silence.

Helping raise awareness for child sexual abuse, founder Matt Pipkin created a ‘stitch kit’ as well-crafted as its messaging is powerful. As you donate $25 towards their counseling program, you receive a kit that includes three letter-pressed instructional buttons and a piece of orange thread paired with a needle to sew on to your choice of… Read more »

Treefort 2014.

Treefort is in full swing this weekend. As part of the festivities, Treefort has designed a secret decoder ring app available at the App Store and Google Play. Festival goers look for secret codes scattered around the venues and take a pictures of the QR code to win prizes. This is one instance where QR… Read more »

Don’t bother me, I’m coding.

Anyone who has ever looked one line, or a many lines of code in web development understands that it requires a great deal of focus. Keeping that in mind, we try to avoid interrupting our programmer (John Briggs) while he is “in the zone.” Thankfully, the folks at Fair Goods and designer and hand lettering… Read more »

2014 Marketing Tactics Survey Results.

Our annual Marketing Tactics Survey is complete, and we are ready to share the results! Much like last year, most companies are beginning the new year with an aggressive marketing approach: 81% plan to increase their overall marketing efforts (a slight increase from 80% last year) and 58% plan to increase their overall marketing spending… Read more »