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2015 Marketing Survey Results.

Our annual Marketing Tactics Survey is complete, and we are excited to share the results with you! A few highlights from this years survey: For the third year in a row, none of our respondents plan to decrease their overall marketing efforts. The amount of money spent on digital marketing continues to rise. Two-thirds of… Read more »

Microsites, Sharing, and Tattoos.

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As microsites continue to gain traction as a legitimate promotion tool, we are always keeping an eye out for interesting ways that people are taking advantage of them. There is no arguing that social engagement is huge right now. People love the opportunity to tell their story, or share their ideas with the world. The… Read more »

A New Red Sky Home.


A few of us had the opportunity to attend the open house for our friends over at Red Sky PR in the updated Owyhee Plaza. It was great to see the new space and talk with some of our friends and colleagues.  Red Sky has been a great partner for us over the years on… Read more »

STRATEGOS – A Deep Space Experience.

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In our industry the words “out of the box”, “unique” and “different” are used all the time. But in many cases, people aren’t really prepared to reach out side of their comfort zones. When our friend Lane Packwood came to us to build a website for his marketing strategy company, we knew it was the… Read more »

Halloween Marketing.

This Halloween we’re giving kudos to the Teal Pumpkin Project. If you’re seeing social media posts of teal-colored pumpkins, the credit goes to Virginian non-profit Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). FARE’s Teal Pumpkin campaign has reached over 5.5 million Facebook users, garnering the attention of,, and Participants are prompted to paint… Read more »

ROI Tracking.

How are you tracking the ROI of your marketing efforts? While metrics for marketing results might seem hard to pinpoint, here are a couple thoughts to consider. Know why you’re tracking the data you’re tracking. Ideally, we capture as much data about user behavior and points of contact as we can. We’re proud of the… Read more »


Rizen is fortunate to be in partnership with FitOne and we are absolutely thrilled for their team’s success this past weekend. The mission of the FitOne is to build healthier communities through fun, active living with the organization benefiting St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. Promoting a way of life is no easy undertaking however, with great success, FitOne is… Read more »


Earlier this year we were contacted by Boise based software company, GetLinked, for marketing services. Their list of needs started with some marketing and website help, but evolved into a complete brand refresh. The masterminds of the software program spent 10 years perfecting the product before releasing it to the public. Now that the product… Read more »

The BookBook.

When was the last time you read a book? Not a digital book, or digital magazine, but a book book. The clever marketing minds at IKEA put together this fantastic online spot mocking everything we find so special about our digital devices. “The battery life is eternal.” The writing for this promo, along with the… Read more »

Advertising of the Future.

American Advertising Federation recently interviewed Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions, Carolyn Everson, on how Facebook will continue to influence advertising in the future. One of our main take-aways from the interview was how social media is seeking to make business personal again. Perhaps before mass media, store owners knew their customers on a personal… Read more »