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New Website –

This week we get to launch a website that we have been excited about for quite some time now. Terravant came to us early this year looking for a fresh start. The company had been around for a while, but they were ready to take things to next level and gain some recognition across the… Read more »

Is your brand ready for the season?

How do you position your product to complement the season? What tagline allows your product to perfectly fit the upcoming holiday, major event, or pop culture trend? What marketing concept is so good that it makes your product seem like an obvious fit for NCAA March Madness, St. Patrick‚Äôs Day, Back-to-school, or the NFL playoffs?… Read more »

Senior Show(s).

Last week students and professors from Northwest Nazerene’s design program paid Rizen a visit. We always enjoy when students come by to see our space and learn more about who we are and what we do. After a brief overview of our shop and our underdog philosophy, student questions ranged from our current work to… Read more »

A more productive you.

Optimize, Automate and Outsource is Ari Meisel’s mantra as he uses his self tracking and exploration methods to not only cure his Crohns disease, but also become the most efficient version of himself. We heard about Ari while listening to a podcast on The Unmistakable Creative, a site devoted to ‘candid conversations with creative entrepreneurs… Read more »

2014 Marketing Tactics Survey Results.

Our annual Marketing Tactics Survey is complete, and we are ready to share the results! Much like last year, most companies are beginning the new year with an aggressive marketing approach: 81% plan to increase their overall marketing efforts (a slight increase from 80% last year) and 58% plan to increase their overall marketing spending… Read more »

Tricking your competitor to advertise for you!

DHL recently pulled off an ingenious marketing shtick by using their competitors, including UPS, to unknowingly advertise for them. Using thermal-activated ink, DHL painted boxes with a hidden message and then scheduled deliveries of the boxes by their competitors. When the competitors picked up the boxes they were completely blacked out, but as temperatures warmed… Read more »

Well said, Seth.

We often preach about the importance of consciously selecting the “file folder” you want customers to put you in. They will put you in one. Marketing guru Seth Godin backs up on this in (relatively) recent blog post: When I meet you or your company or your product or your restaurant or your website, I… Read more »

Build credibility and trust first.

A lot of energy is spent worrying about marketing strategies, tactics, budgets and analytics. And then there’s the money. Let’s not even get into the money… But here’s the thing: before concerning yourself with how you’re going to sell, you need to worry you are going to earn trust. Marketers have a trust problem. According… Read more »