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Behind The Scenes.

In our day-to-day we get plenty of chances to art direct and be in the makings of pieces for clients but it is a rare instance that we get to work on Rizen. This Monday we had the opportunity to with Travis Swartz on our own video shoot. The video is a spin off of… Read more »

Asana Climbing.

In the heart of Garden City is a hidden gem, Asana. Born and raised-up in the Boise Valley, Asana is now an international company that manufactures, wholesales, and retails all things bouldering/climbing. Rizen recently teamed up with Boise Valley Economic Partnership, or BVEP, to produce a piece featuring Asana. We invite you to watch the video… Read more »

Getting Sidewayz.

We’d like to give a shoutout to our friends at Sidewayz Films for their awesome new wakeboarding film: Resurgence. We had the pleasure of partnering with Sidewayz to shoot our “Boise Is” video for Boise Valley Economic Partnership. Resurgence chronicles Darin Shapiro’s return to wakeboarding – the first wakeboarding film that Sidewayz has released in… Read more »