providing some clarity on what it means to be an underdog.

Josh Mercaldo
January 11, 2021

Underdog Test

You're a/an:

Entrepreneur and are in need of some start-up marketing materials.

Brand that has been acquired and you’re the new kid on the block and need to add value.

Business unit in a corporation with a product launch and you’re looking for ways to stay ahead.

Government organization (city/state/federal) and want to jump out of the sand box.

Company who wants a fresh and updated digital presence using the best modern tech.

Regardless of your size, budget, location or business model, if what’s next keeps you up and night, you’re at the right place.

All of these scenarios are different, but all are underdogs at the core level. They crave more (market share, leads, awareness, conversions, etc) but the path forward isn’t a straight line.  They’re willing to work smarter than the next guy to become successful. They’re hungry and won’t settle when faced with market challenges. If any of this sounds like what your company is after, welcome to the team.

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