Boise Airport

Ready for a major brand transformation, the Boise Airport engaged Rizen to update the BOI brand after 20 years of the same look and feel.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Web Design & Development

Rizen's challenge was to create a brand that elevates the image of the Boise Airport as an essential business and key contributor to the City of Boise’s economy.

The rebrand effort included both facility and advertising efforts with an image-driven campaign that promoted nonstop flights, the ease of the airport's location for travelers, and all the attributes the friendly, reputable airport has to offer.

Developing the Digital User Experience

Rizen started by analyzing the old site's analytics and realized that there are two different types of users that did not overlap. So, we divided the site into two main areas; one traveler-focused and one with corporate information. Anticipating the needs of travelers, we designed a new "Find-a-Flight" feature right on the homepage. The new site is an end-to-end experience that maps the user needs before, during and after their visit to Boise airport.

Image: Boise Airport website displayed on multiple mobile devices