The City of Mountain Home’s new user centered website.

Designing a city website is no easy task. We created a design system that can stand up to multiple departments and content creators. The primary goal: keeping all the focus on usability and design.

What We Did

  • Art Direction
  • Web Design & Development
  • Design
City of Mountain Home Website

We gathered feedback on what citizens most wanted to see out of their city’s website and what their current pain points were. Working directly with the City of Mountain Home, we conducted a non-technical, but extremely important card sorting exercise in best determining the site’s information architect.

City of Mountain Home Card Sorting
City of Mountain Home Information Architecture

Website Challenges

Content managers needed to easily add content, but not learn a complicated CMS.

Users' biggest pain point was finding and applying for permits and applications.

Users wanted to easily contact department heads and stay up-to-date on community events.

City of Mountain Home Templates

Users experienced difficulties in the past finding and filling out forms on the old site. We implemented a search function and designed multiple online access points for ease of use in locating permits and applications.

City of Mountain Home Pay and Apply

City Guides were created as a means to allow the creation of specifically curated content while maintaining the overall site structure and continuity. These guides help provide citizens information on specific topics and help them get to know their city and community better.

City of Mountain Home Guides

The System
Creating a system that retains its structure but can bend and flex with an infinite amount of content was our main objective. Design and development worked closely to create a detailed style guide and template system to ensure consistency of the site’s overall look and feel, no matter what site pages or sections are added over time.

City of Mountain Home Style Guide
City of Mountain Home Style Guide
City of Mountain Home Style Guide

In today’s world sometimes the first impression people have of a community is what they see online. Our previous website was clunky, dated and didn’t reflect the community that we are now and aspire to be in the future. The new website Rizen created for us has given us a tool that we hesitated to use in the past. Now, whether it is a resident or perhaps a new business looking at our community, we confidently refer them to our website. Having a modern, cohesive website with brand identity has been a game changer for Mountain Home.
Courtney Lewis
Economic Development Executive Director